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Embarking on the Road to Mainnet Launch: Mandala Chain’s Exciting Journey


Mandala Chain, the pioneering Layer 0 Blockchain developed by Baliola, has set its sights on revolutionizing the Indonesian blockchain landscape. With a roadmap designed for success, Mandala Chain aims to achieve its mainnet launch by July 2024. In this blog post, we will delve into the roadmap that paves the way for this momentous event, starting from the recently launched Private Testnet and leading up to the anticipated mainnet launch.

Private Testnet: A Milestone in Development

On July 4th, 2023, Mandala Chain celebrated a significant milestone with the launch of its Private Testnet. This crucial step allows the Baliola Blockchain Implementer Team to implement the blockchain solution to selected use cases that have partnered with Mandala Chain. Through meticulous evaluation and review, the team ensures that every aspect of Mandala Chain aligns with the highest standards of functionality, scalability, and security.

Public Testnet: Engaging the Community

Building upon the success of the Private Testnet, Mandala Chain plans to launch its Public Testnet in November 2023. This exciting phase opens the doors for the public to experience Mandala Chain firsthand. Users can freely explore the platform, create their own smart contracts, and engage in transactions using the KPGL coin testnet. This period of testing and feedback collection is instrumental in refining the user experience, identifying potential issues, and optimizing the blockchain’s performance.

Mainnet Launch: A Vision Realized

The ultimate goal on Mandala Chain’s roadmap is the highly anticipated mainnet launch, projected for July 2024. This significant milestone represents the official release of Mandala Chain’s production-ready blockchain network, fully operational and ready to empower industries and organizations across Indonesia. The mainnet launch signifies the culmination of extensive research, development, testing, and community collaboration that brings Mandala Chain’s vision to life.

Key Milestones:

  • July 4th, 2023: Private Testnet Launch, implementing Mandala Chain into select use cases.
  • November 2023: Public Testnet Launch, allowing the public to explore Mandala Chain, create smart contracts, and transact using the KPGL coin testnet.
  • July 2024: Mainnet Launch, marking the official release of Mandala Chain’s production-ready blockchain network.

The Power of Collaboration and Innovation:

Throughout this journey, Mandala Chain thrives on collaboration and community engagement. The Baliola team is committed to actively involving partners, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts in shaping the future of Mandala Chain. Valuable feedback, insights, and ideas gathered during the testnet phases play a vital role in refining the platform, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of the Indonesian blockchain ecosystem.


The roadmap to Mainnet Launch represents a significant undertaking for Mandala Chain, Baliola, and the Indonesian blockchain community. From the successful launch of the Private Testnet to the upcoming Public Testnet and, finally, the mainnet release in July 2024, Mandala Chain is on a mission to provide a robust and scalable blockchain solution for Indonesia. As the journey unfolds, collaboration, feedback, and community participation will be instrumental in shaping Mandala Chain’s evolution, ultimately driving innovation and ushering in a new era of blockchain technology in Indonesia.

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